Refund policy

  • Purchase item may be able to receive full monetary refunds if it is defective or damaged.
  • Request for full refund must be emailed to us at within 7 days from the date of you receive it.
  • Any requests for refunds made after 7 days of receiving the item will not receive any financial refunds.
  • Email us at with your order number, item code, photo/video and explanation of product defects.
  • Item must be kept in its original packaging for refunds and product returns, in addition to specific refund conditions for each listed product.
  • If any purchase item needs to be shipped back to us, the buyer will pay for all necessary delivery and administrative fees.
  • Refund process will start when the purchase items have successfully arrived at the original refund centre or warehouse for each item.
  • Promotion and discounted items are strictly non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • The product refund fees may be reduced after deducting the returned postage fees, import/export duties, insurance or regulatory fees of individual countries.